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Gain access to the Solana Science Ape Club community & enjoy in-real-life (IRL) utilities exclusive to SSAC Genesis NFT holders!

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What is SSAC ?

SSAC is bringing real-life utility to its community through NFT ownership. The SSAC Genesis NFT collection grants you access to IRL utilities by partnering with forward thinking companies. You can learn more about SSAC’s partners below.

Last but not least, as a member of the SSAC, you gain access to a global community of open-minded NFT and crypto enthusiasts.

We believe anyone will find a utility that suits them in the SSAC Genesis NFT collection.

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Utility Partners

The Scientists


He entered the Metaverse at the age of 8, that’s like 26 years ago. Now that he has come out and wanders amongst us, he decided to work on some amazing projects in the NFT space. A true force of positiveness and curiosity has brought Zelda into the SSAC. Also, he can eat a sh*t load for a skinny guy.
Bridges Gaps

This scientist’s true nature governs all his decisions. As soon as he recognised the real-world utility that digital assets can provide and the value SSAC will bring to its holders, he was onboard! He recently started gaming again and has strained his wrist while playing CS:GO, or so he says…
Smart Contract Guru

Thinking outside-the-box is his speciality. Creative yet pragmatic, this RPG gamer and metaverse aficionado links perfectly with the SSAC mission. He envisions what the metaverse and NFTs will bring in the future and how to apply those functionalities in the present. Little known fact, he loves tons of sauce on his pasta.

After 15 years of living in space, she has teleported back to planet Earth to join our team, bringing her artistic soul to the SSAC. Building on the brainstorming efforts of the team, she locked herself in the lab and designed unique SSAC attributes. Her passion for art is as strong as ever and her enthusiastic nature makes her a key element to our mission!
Head Designer

He loves solving problems using digital tools to serve people. His work is designed to simplify things and engineered to endure time. School teachers called him a dreamer. They were right.

Social Media

Passionate about writing and languages, she decided to become a guru in communication to leverage her skills in chit-chat, event organisation and her eye for aesthetics. A strong advocate of generation Y, she grew up in the early stages of internet and is determined to lead other ladies onto the path of web3.


Q1 2022

1.      Creation of SSAC Concept
2.      Solana Chosen to Host SSAC

Q2 2022

1.      Artist Niena Joins SSAC
2.      3 Utility  Partners Onboarded
3.      Input from Discord Community

Q3 2022

1.      5 Utility Partners Onboarded
2.      SSAC Genesis Mint Live
3.      Redemption of Utilities

Q4 2022

1.      Redemption of Utilities (continuous)
2.      NFT Loyalty Cards
3.      Voodoo Village Future Events Integration
4.      Prepare Future NFT Collections
5.      Second generation of 3D Ape NFTs

Q1 2023

1.      SSAC in the Metaverse
2.      SSAC Metaverse Townhalls
3.      NFT Staking


Each NFT is generated by 120+ unique traits across different categories.

Lost Ape
Learning Ape
Educated Ape
Transitioned Ape
Human Ape

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSAC?
What's an NFT?
How can I mint my first SSAC Genesis NFT?
When is the mint date?
What if the NFT is sold out?
What is an NFT marketplace?
What blockchain does SSAC use?
How to stay safe online and on the blockchain?
What is the blockchain?
What does minting mean?

Voodoo Village x SSAC spin-off collection is on Magic Eden

A select few 200 Voodoo x SSAC apes are currently available on Magic Eden. All of these NFTs provide IRL utility for life at Voodoo Village festival. Their intrinsic value ranges from $500-$11.000 depending on the NFT's utility.

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