Gain access to the Solana Science Apes Club SSAC community by acquiring the OG Solana Science Ape NFT on Magic Eden.


What is SSAC?

SSAC is a collection of NFTs which give you access to online and IRL services and events. As a member of the Solana Science Apes Club you gain access to a global community of open minded crypto enthusiasts.

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This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take SSAC Solana Science Apes Club. We have a lot of ideas and partnership concepts that have been signed and we are working hard on them. More info soon.

1. Launch

Jan 2022 | Initial launch: The OG Collection of 225
Q2 2022 | The Genesis Collection of 3,333 Next Gen NFTS

2. Community Giveaway

Feb 2022 - 10 Genesis Apes prepared for Q2 Airdrop
Feb 2022 - Poker, Twitter, Community OG giveaways
Apr 2022 - Multiple Giveaway and poker events

3. Merchandise Drop

Our Genesis Collection will be available at reasonable prices and in high resolution for a display or epoxy printout for your crypto geek office.

4. Collaboration

We are continuously announcing many collabs and partnerships. Please visit our discord for the most up to date info and to join our community.

5. Future Drops

Q2 22 Expect our mint SSAC Genesis collection in Q2.

A Snapshot will be taken just before of the wallets holding our Founders/OG Collection.

Listed NFTs will not be counted towards the 1:1 ratio airdrop. Please be warned and don't come moan afterwards please. You could have taken the time to read here ar inform otherwise. Only first owners holders will receive the airdrop.


Each NFT is generated by 120+ unique traits across different categories. There are only 200 legendary Science Apes available for grabs.

Lost Ape
Learning Ape
Educated Ape
Transitioned Ape
Human Ape

The Team

From financial controllers to fintech entrepreneurs to junior consultants and pure and proven animators and 3D creators. Even owners of blockchain integration companies & successful fintech IPOs. A bunch of total international nutters.

How we got together? By a shared vision of bringing utility to crypto. We are all working towards the same goals: to bring you the missing key utility integration and true value.

Who we are?
We will give more details on our international team soon - please bear with us. We are working in our free time to bring you the BEST ape collection out there, that will evolve and challenge the status quo.

Where are we? Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Iran, UK, USA, China - from all over the world we're building the greatest community out there for the good of blockchain promotion and its utility. Look out for all of our updates which are coming soon.

Grab the NFTs

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the mint date?
What's an NFT?
Why SSAC Solana Science Apes Club?
What exactly will I get?

SSAC Genesis collection is coming on Magic Eden

A select few 225 OG Collection SSAC apes are currently available on Magic Eden, trading at a varying 1 to 1.5 Sol floor price. These automatically give you a 1:1 ratio airdrop for the Genesis Collection of 3.333 Apes with tons of IRL utility - the intrinsic value ranges from $250-$5000 depending on the holder.

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